Lead-Free Nanomaterials for Electronics

In electronics manufacturing, lower solder reflow temperature is desirable to prevent manufacturing problems such as popcorning, delamination and warpage. On the other hand, during operation, especially in high temperature application such as aerospace and military electronics, the solder joint must withstand high temperatures and maintain high reliability. This poses a converse set of goals, namely, low manufacturing melting point and high operation melting point, which cannot be achieved with bulk solder joint materials. Alloy nanoparticles offer a unique combination of low and high melting temperature. In collaboration with Rice University [Tabatabaei et. al, 2012], we have shown that AuSn nanoparticles exhibit significantly reduced melting temperature for manufacturing. As the particles melt and form solder joint, they can recover the high bulk AuSn melting point making them suitable for high temperature and high reliability electronic applications.

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